Kingdom One Staffing

A One-of-a-kind experience


Why Kingdom One Staffing?

  • We are going to authentically connect you with ministries we have relationships with.

  • We’re focused on growing a connection with you while we help you find your next ministry home.

  • We build a full picture of who you are. This isn’t just about how talented you are (and we know that you are) because your talent barely scratches the surface.

  • We’re going deep because we want this to last.

  • We’re with you until you are successfully onboarded and beyond!

Foundations for Success


We are relationship builders.
We build relationships with the ministries and the candidates. It’s our focus and the key to successful recruiting and lasting ministry careers.


We are culture protectors.
We know each church and ministry has its own DNA and we want to capture it authentically and match candidates to it.


We are listeners.
We are your partners in prayer as we work to unpack who and where God is calling.

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