Kingdom One Staffing helps ministry leaders recruit, onboard, and retain ministry staff. We strive to match ministries with candidates who meet culture, calling, and chemistry.Get Started

Finding quality candidates that are called, have good chemistry, and are a cultural fit can be difficult to find.

Relational Recruiting

Cultural Fit Pre-screening


Spark staffing is a search service that gives ministry leaders quality candidates vetted, culturally fit, and ready to join your ministry's mission

how can we help?

People are our most valuable asset in ministry. If you are experiencing tension in ministry, staff mishandling resources or poor work ethic you need to experience Spark Staffing by Kingdom One. We want to partner with you so you can avoid:

  • Long lead times for candidates
  • Staff that aren't called to ministry
  • Staff that aren't a cultural fit
  • Staff that don't have chemistry with your current team

staffing services

  • Relational Recruiting
  • Culture Fit Interviewing
  • Active Recruiting Methods using HR Tech tools
  • Create compelling job postings and handle candidate management
  • Micro-site creation to present candidate bios and share ministry profiles
  • Coordinate Onboarding plan and give salary recommendations.

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