Website Redesign: One Digital

When we met with One Digital to help with their ministry health plan offering, we had two goals:

  1. Re-brand Ministry Health Plan to something that didn’t have “Ministry” in the title
  2. Create a website that helped initiate a more automated process so One Digital could scale.

Their first site was generally acceptable for delivering information, but the visual appeal and user experience left a lot to be desired.

We wanted to create a full microsite for the sub-brand we were helping to launch, named Vespera Health Plan, that gave a calm, secure impression. By creating a microsite, we also integrated a contact form that put users into a six-step email sequence.

Building a WordPress site helped the Kingdom One team iterate quickly (which saved One Digital money) and integrate 3rd party tools like Cloudflare (for optimized, nation-wide delivery) and Typeform (for relationship-first forms). The WordPress theme we use also helps ensure a fully responsive site that gives a native, engaging experience for users on mobile and on desktop.

Because the product is so information-heavy, a WordPress site gave us an added bonus: higher SEO rankings (over a Squarespace or Subsplash site) to help draw organic search traffic to One Digital’s doors.

Feel like a website redesign might be in the future? Need help determining where to start? We’ve got web development experts who can help!