Three Values that make Online Hosts Incredible

Get that smiley face emoji ready, because you are about to learn what it takes to be an Online Host. We have three values for our Online Hosts: Welcome, Engage, and Connect.

Value #1: Incredible Hosts Welcome Well

Anytime someone visits our church in-person, we should welcome them like they are an old friend. We know that God loves them and that makes us happy to see them. Incredible online hosts will go out of their way to greet every person that makes a comment in chat personally.

Value #2: Incredible Hosts Engage Often

Throughout the service, people will share about how their week went, make comments about the music or message, or even share what God is doing in their life. These are great opportunities for us to engage. Not every question or comment needs to be addressed by online Hosts. However, there are a few options we have to be extra helpful.

Value #3: Incredible Hosts Connect

Online services are a great way for people to check out our church before attending in person. Whenever we have a call to action presented in the service, we want to help our online audience respond just like they are attending the service themselves. Incredible online hosts link to the ways people can respond to what’s happening. Sometimes, we miss something. If that happens, we would encourage you to search for the answer for them on our website: (website url). If you can’t find the information, encourage them to fill out a welcome form so we can get back to them.

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