Onboard New Employees Like a Champion

You did it! You filled an open position! Unfortunately, crossing that finish line means you’re at a new starting line: onboarding. To a new teammate, the first three months is like trying to jump on to a train going 90mph. Here are our onboarding tips and reminders to help get your latest hire up to speed as quickly and easily as possible.

Key To-Dos:

Before They Start:

  • Creating an onboarding plan (day 1, week 1, 30 days, 60, days and 90 days)
  • Schedule and communicate 1st day with new hire. What to expect, bring or be prepared for.

Teammate Requests:

  • Desk & Chair setup from Facilities
  • Invitation to Gmail, Slack, and any other tools from IT/Media
  • Badge, keys, or security needs.

Day 1 To Dos:

  • Put new hire birthday on your calendar.
  • Gather all completed new hire paperwork and any other final items. Enter into HRIS/ Payroll system.
  • Returned signed offer letter
  • Background check (online or fingerprints)
  • Have their supervisor send a welcome message and next steps
  • Calendar invites to any staff and team meetings and 1 on 1 meetings.
  • HR to send welcome email that includes new hire paperwork, handbook, and orientation.

Week 1 To Dos:

  • Schedule staff photo
  • Schedule 1st meeting with supervisor

Make a Great First Impression

It’s one thing to get one’s affairs in order, it’s another to go the extra mile and give your new teammate a great first impression of staff culture. Paperwork is important, but it also makes for a pretty boring first day.

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