Engaging Your Team While Working Remotely

Let’s be honest, we all would have hoped that we’d all be back to working together in
our offices by now. It can be challenging trying to figure out how to get or keep our
teams engaged. Since it’s seems like we’ll be here for a while, take our top 4 solutions to keeping your teams engaged while working remotely:

1. Use Chat Services

If you’re not already using something like Slack or Microsoft Teams, make the switch! Chat services like this help keep your email inbox free and they help add a lot of fun and personality to digital, text-based communications. Best of all, Slack is a freemium service—so you don’t have to pay to switch!

2. Schedule Regular Meetings

The hardest thing about our current situation is it feels like everything could change at any moment and we never know when we’ll get any sense of stability back into our lives. Help your team gain some stability by scheduling regular team meetings and regular one-on-one meetings. If that sounds overwhelming to you, start small and work your way up.

3. Remote Team Care

Find some ways to lift your team’s spirits! Send them a care package, a digital gift card, or maybe a dessert from a local treat shop via a delivery service like Uber Eats or Grubhub!

Whatever you choose to do, make the gift personalized to who the employees are. If you don’t know what their personal preferences are, now’s a great time to ask!

4. Virtual Activities

Just because you work together doesn’t mean everything has to be about work! Find ways to have fun together, whether it’s watching a movie over Zoom, playing games, or even a fitness challenge your team can participate in together!

That’s all the fun stuff out of the way, but there’s a lot of new employee guidelines and regulations out related to the pandemic that can get super confusing! Fortunately, we’ve created a free guide that can help walk you through what you need to know.

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