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Your Ministry's HR experience is the bedrock of your staff culture. We help ministry leaders create a positive staff environment with HR Tools, Training, and Talents. Are you ready to shape your ministry culture toward Courageous, Healthy, & Effective? Click the button below to get started.Get Started

the real cost of hr in ministry

As Ministry Leaders, we understand the pain points of hiring, promotions, pay decisions, firing, and developing staff.

The HR role isn't easy (we know, we've been there!), but your "people" efforts are necessary for your Church's Health. Our mission is to build healthy people strategies that help the Church thrive so you never have to second-guess your HR efforts.

If you're experiencing:

  • High turnover rate
  • Unfruitful staffing search
  • Tough leadership transitions, terminations, & underperformance
  • An unstable work environment

That can lead to:

  • Poor staff culture
  • Discouraged Staff & Leadership
  • Stalled Projects
  • Diluted Work
  • Fighting & Low Trust
  • Missing Ministry Opportunities

it's time to start a journey to revamping your staff health

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  • Staffing
  • Handbooks
  • Payroll
  • Ministry Cohorts


  • Staff Leveling
  • Communications Frameworks
  • Coaching, Advisory, Strategic Planning


  • Policy Review
  • Safety Audit
  • Handbooks


  • Compensation Reporting
  • Benefits
  • Staffing Searches


  • Trainings
  • Tutorials
  • Templates
  • Tools

Above Reproach

  • AB-506 Child Safety Training
  • Harrassment Prevention Training
  • Legal Updates


Kingdom One exists for you to see your ministry potential grow. We know that seminary didn’t prepare you for running a ministry at scale. That’s why we are providing Tools, Training and Talent to fast forward your learning and develop great ministry skills.

Get Access To:

  • Training at Kingdom One Academy to sharpen your skills
  • A pipeline of great candidates for your ministry from Spark Staffing
  • A ministry partner who will partner with you in doing the work
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