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How much is non-compliance costing you?

Many times we don’t realize how much non-compliance can end up costing the ministry that God has given us. If we are to be good stewards of our callings, we need to be aware at all times to protect us from many things including, but not limited to:

  • Undeveloped staff culture
  • Missing legal updates
  • Top talent leaving
  • Slow pipeline for new candidates
  • Poor benefits packages
  • Poor retirement options
Ministry is high stakes but doesn’t have to be. You can avoid the headaches of missing crucial information by registering for The HR Ministry Network Conference.
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Fuel your HR career in ministry

  • Learn about what’s new in HR, finance, and legal
  • Connect with other ministry leaders and staff
  • Build a network of trusted sources
  • Influence staff culture for a positive impact
  • Save time and money

We’ve led and guided 60+ ministries to ministry
health in HR, Finance, and Business Operations.


Brian Mount
COO of Hume

"One of the challenges of outsourcing core ministry services such as HR is the high risk of the outside partner simply applying their "one size fits all" approach to your ministry context without taking the time to understand the people, the history, and the culture. Kingdom One has been the opposite. They are nothing short of a profound joy to partner with. They are one of us.

Kingdom One provided an HR audit without judgment. They are results-oriented and regularly provide detailed progress updates. They provided mandated training solutions consistent with our mission and training on how to implement them. They've interacted with various team members with servant's hearts. Their billing is fair, transparent, and scalable according to our needs. They are winsome, kind, experienced in the space, and powerfully professional. Most importantly, they are fierce lovers of Jesus.

We couldn't accomplish our ministry without them during this uncertain season of searching for our next HR Director. We're grateful they came along when they did and look forward to their ongoing relationship with Hume."

Your time is precious, and our events are informative, engaging, and relational. Don’t waste your time and attention at a dry, boring conference that may not be designed for the ministry world.

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Step 2: Learn from industry experts with practical ministry experience.

We take learning seriously and still have fun.

Step 3: Apply the learning at work.

As an HR Ministry Professional, your whole organization levels up when you do.

As an HR Professional, your whole
organization levels up when you level up.

We understand your time as a ministry HR professional is slim. Missing continuing education and conferences can have negative effects on your organization. That’s why we’ve created The HR Ministry Network to bring you events with local experts at a fraction of the cost. Our conferences are tailored for easy-to-understand keynotes with breakout sessions that build relationships and spark joy. Boring ministry HR events are a thing of the past. Register today.

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