growing the church together

Kingdom One helps Christians ensure the American Church has the tools, education, and resources to stay healthy so that future generations have an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus.

Thousands of Ministries in America Will Close Their Doors This Year.

In 2019, 4,500 churches closed their doors, and that number continues to rise each year.

Churches are Lacking:

the right tools
the right team
the right education
at the right price

When you give to Kingdom One, you help get tools, education & resources back into churches so that they have the health needed for growth.

How Can You Help the American Church?

We don't have a magic wand to fix the problem now, but we do have resources that will give the church a fighting chance. Giving to Kingdom One will get tools, education & resources back into churches, to grow their health.

There are Multiple Ways to Give:

  • Give a One-Time Gift

    Giving a one-time gift of $100 Dollars to see a church staff of 10 get Harassment Prevention Training for their staff.

  • 2
  • Give a Recurring Gift

    Recurring giving of $25+ a month means 4 small churches a year will receive California-compliant Child Safety & Mandatory Reporting, keeping kids safe in our churches and camps!

  • 3
  • Sponsor a Project

    When you sponsor a project, you fast forward the development of tools, knowledge, and resources for ministry use. Contact us at to set up a meeting to discuss sponsorship.

Healthy Things Grow

When you give, ministries are equipped with tools, resources and knowledge to be courageous, healthy and effective. Your gift helps create toolkits, develop leaders and set strong foundations for generations to come.

Because of your giving, you ensure the Christian faith can reach future generations.

What Your Giving Makes Possible

Our founder and CVO explains why now is a pivotal time to give to the health of the American Church.