Healthy Things Grow

Your support changes the trajectory of the Church. Declining attendance and record numbers of churches closing their doors for good threaten the future of the Church in America.

Your giving paves the way for growth. You help bridge the gap between what the Church has and what it needs to be around for generations to come. By choosing to give, you ensure the Church receives next generation support that helps it become courageous, healthy and effective.

Your gift helps meet the Church’s most pressing needs by:

  • Equipping ministries with tools and resources to recruit, hire and develop staff effectively
  • Building toolkits to cultivate a foundation for healthy ministry
  • Developing thought leadership around what it means to become a courageous church

Simply put, your gift helps ensure the Church is not just healthy for today, but healthy for generations to come.

Two Roads, One Strategy

When you give to Kingdom One, your gifts fund two different aspects of our ministry.

Hiring Staff to Provide Tactical Support

Our staff knows what it's like to serve the Church. We've been attenders, we've been volunteers, and we've been staff. We love the Church. But because we've been in the trenches, we also know that there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. We know that sometimes staff is assigned projects because they are willing to serve, not because they've been trained and equipped. That's where Kingdom One can help. We become a partner with you in the trenches. We identify the right next steps together, then we go get stuff done while you focus on shepherding your congregation well.

Funding Resource Development

Have you ever had a great idea over lunch only to come back to a desk full of urgent tasks that prevents you from even having the right conversations to get it started? Or worse, you have the conversations, but the response is "I love it, I just don't see how we'll be able to pull it off. Sunday's coming." That's where Kingdom One can help. Kingdom One is focused on accomplishing those great ideas to help the Church.
  • Above Reproach

    A biblically minded sexual harassment prevention training that we are giving away, for free, to churches. Learn more
  • Kingdom One Academy

    A training and education hub of resources to help the church get healthy and grow. See more