impacting the american church

Every year, we witness the heartbreaking reality of churches closing their doors, but we have an opportunity to change this trajectory. We want to partner with you as you consider going above and beyond your tithe to the local church in giving. Together, we can help provide American Churches with the community, tools, and knowledge they need to be courageous, healthy, and effective for generations to come!Give Now

how can you help the American church?

Today's church landscape, well, it has its own set of challenges. But you know what's incredible? There are numerous ways you can help! When you partner with Kingdom One, your generous gift holds the potential to supply ministries with community, essential tools, and knowledge that can truly make a difference in their work for the Kingdom

Join us in our mission to build ministries that are more courageous, healthy, and effective. Here are 3 ways you can partner with Kingdom One:

why is the American church struggling?

In 2019, 4,500 churches closed their doors, and the church continues to decline. The American church faces complex and multi-faceted issues. This reality may require more innovation and courageous solutions that will transform their ministry to be more effective in serving its community.

80% of Americans only give 2% of their income.

Christians are giving at 2.5% of income. During the Great Depression it was 3.3%.

17% of American families have reduced the amount that they give to their local church.

37% of regular church attendees and Evangelicals don’t give money to church.

why trust us?

It's an honest question that we're happy to answer. At Kingdom One, we are relationship-first HR, Finance, Marketing, and Business Administration specialists who are deeply experienced in both ministry and marketplace. We have hearts to see the church more courageous, healthy, and effective.

At Kingdom One:

  • We’ve trained over 3000+ pastors and ministry leaders in harassment prevention and child safety.
  • We focus on growing in health, not just growing arbitrary numbers.
  • We roll up our sleeves and put a hand to the plow with ministries in the deep work.

be a part of transforming the American church to become more courageous, healthy and effective.

When you give to Kingdom One, you have an opportunity to resource the church's health and effectiveness, extending beyond the local church.

healthy things grow

Would you prayerfully consider a gift to Kingdom One that would resource ministries to become more courageous, healthy, and effective?

If you’d like to speak with someone more about giving to the ministry of Kingdom One, contact us at