Transform ministries into
safe, courageous, healthy,
and effective places.

Your gift goes directly toward providing and developing critical tools and training for people safety matters. 

When You Give to Kingdom One
You Equip the Church

    • $15 helps provide
      biblically-based safety training
    • $25 helps provide
      support in applying for ERC funds
    • $35 helps
      provide industry expert consulting
      in key areas like
      of HR, Finance,
      Marketing, and IT.

Your Sacrificial Giving Helped
Provide A Lifeline To The Church
in Three Key Areas:



Staff and Volunteer Enrollees

In Child Safety and Mandatory Reporter Training.
That Represents a 3,500-Hour Time Saving Collectively!


Of ERC Funds Successfully Earned

That Represents a $1,300,000 Savings
Compared to Other Groups.

10,000 Hours

Of Industry Expert Consulting Deployed

That Represents $1,000,000 in Savings
Compared to Industry Rates.

That's Why We are boldly asking
you to make a generous
giving tuesday gift.

People are the lifeblood of ministries. That's why partnering with organizations and stewarding their people matter. That is the pathway to safe, courageous, healthy, and effective ministry. Just take it from Hume Lake Christian Camps:


Brian Mount
COO of Hume Camps & Retreats


"For many, this has been a year of employee transitions, some of those transitions have been welcome, but most have not. And the challenge of quickly refilling positions for all of us seems longer and more arduous than ever before.

When we found ourselves without a Human Resources Director this year and finding a replacement was going to be a long process, we decided to outsource our HR needs with Steven and the capable team at Kingdom One.

One of the challenges of outsourcing core ministry services such as HR is the high risk of the outside partner simply applying their "one size fits all" approach to your ministry context without taking the time to understand the people, the history, and the culture. Kingdom One has been the opposite. They are nothing short of a profound joy to partner with. They are one of us.

They took time to know us, including a lengthy personal site visit. Kingdom One took time to listen to our leadership and learn our ministry culture before presuming solutions. They were an instant hit with our team. They began actively coaching our HR generalists. They quickly began working on projects that we prioritized while remaining nimble for impromptu "emergencies." They've joined calls with our insurance companies in an effort to move stalled claims. They've intentionally partnered with our general legal counsel. They've provided an HR audit without judgment. They are results-oriented and regularly provide detailed progress updates. They provided mandated training solutions consistent with our mission and training on how to implement them. They've interacted with various team members with servant's hearts. Their billing is fair, transparent, and scalable according to our needs. They are winsome, kind, experienced in the space, and powerfully professional. Most importantly, they are fierce lovers of Jesus.

We couldn't accomplish our ministry without them during this uncertain season of searching for our next HR Director. We're grateful they came along when they did and look forward to their ongoing relationship with Hume."