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What is a compensation survey?

It is a compensation data-driven report that sources compensation information to help determine a fair market value of positions within their geographic region, industry, and size. Compensation surveys are facilitated by third-party organizations and compile the data and report so that the organization’s data is not identifiable.

What makes us different from the rest?

  • Kingdom One’s Compensation Survey was developed with YOU in mind by seasoned HR practitioners who deeply understand compensation AND ministry. We’ve designed it in a way to address the uniqueness of your ministry compensation challenges.
  • Ease - we provide an easy-to-use collection method.
  • Wisdom - get compensation information that relates directly to your ministry size and region.
  • Steward - save hundreds of hours of research and make better compensation decisions.
  • Context - foundationally based on the cost of living for your region and apply it to your ministry size.
  • Resource -
    • Other competitors provide data but lack resources to help ministry leaders know what to do next with it.
    • Provide education to know HOW to use the tool effectively and apply it within their ministry context.
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