Business Administration

A free conference call with a Kingdom One Business Administrator can help you save time and money on your ministry operations. Say goodbye to the frustrating administration process and embrace a simple and effective framework that keeps you in your ministry sweet spot.Get Started

Why can't there be a business admin framework for ministries that is simple and effective?

It's a lot to manage

Running a ministry with a business mindset can be difficult. You want your ministry to thrive, but what if your current process jeopardizes your efforts?

Let’s get you on a call with our Business Admins to get a plan of action to simplify and accelerate your process.

business administration services

  • CFO/COO/XP coaching, advisory, strategic planning
  • Finance and operations staffing evaluation, transition, development
  • Audit and 990 support
  • Financial system audits, implementation, transition, optimization
  • Business process and procedure optimization and efficiency
  • Business operations and Internal controls assessment
  • Stewardship/advancement advisory & software implementation
  • Nonprofit, real estate, legal, and risk management advisory

let's partner together

At Kingdom One we are business admins ourselves and have helped ministries simplify the process. Let’s get you on a call with our Business Administration team to create a plan of action to simplify and accelerate your process so that you’re not stuck and frustrated with the results of your business operations.

The first step towards health can feel a little daunting


Getting help is a sign of strength and courage. It helps avoid
the heartache of burnout, resignation, and failure. Here's to a brighter ministry future where you are supported, equipped. and encouraged to grow.

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