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We exist to build Christian ministries and churches that are Courageous, Healthy, and Effective.Get Started

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Leading a ministry is complex and high stakes. A few wrong decisions can lead to organizational stall-out and frustration.

That’s why we offer HR, Finance, Marketing, Strategy, and Business Administration that help simplify the process for Churches, Christian ministries, schools, and camps. Our approach turns stalled initiatives into momentum to achieve your ministry goals. Start today by clicking the Get Started button to develop a plan with a Kingdom One team member, and watch your ministry grow.

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the numbers don't lie

The church should be the healthiest, safest and most courageous organization on the planet, and it's not.

  • 70% of Pastors have lower self-esteem since joining the ministry
  • 70% of Pastors fight depression
  • 50% of Ministry Leaders would leave the ministry but can't find another job
  • 80% of Pastors believe ministry has a negative effect on family, and 33% siting the occupation as hazardous to overall well-being
  • 80% of Ministry spouses feel neglected and underappreciated
  • 70% of Pastors don’t have a good marriage, 38% are divorced or in the process of divorce.
  • 41% of Pastors display anger problems reported by spouses
  • 50% of Pastors watch pornography
  • 50% of Pastors report inappropriate sexual behavior with someone in the church.

You can only
choose one.

Imagine receiving community, tools, and knowledge from other ministry leaders you trust; how would that shape your ministry? The Kingdom One team has helped dozens of ministries through challenging seasons. You can check out some of our stories here.

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our values

Relationship First

We invested deeply & intentionally to grow relationships that generate trust & transparency.

Ready To Grow

We attract, develop, disciple and train the current and future church. Actively develop and refine tools, materials, networks and resources that are helpful to church leaders both inside and outside of Kingdom One.

Deep Work

We roll up our sleeves and step into the trenches with ministry teams. The quality and excellence of our work is matched by our willingness to challenge the status quo and do the hard work that produces lasting health.

In Pursuit of Health

We seek to overcome distraction, burnout and the superficial. We cultivate organizational and personal health to run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus.

No Silos, Egos or Turf Wars

We refuse to let pride ruin our ministry or Christ’s church. We collaborate to bring harmony, humility, and unity because we are better together.

Fans of Fun

Fun is non-negotiable. We foster an environment where we can keep levity and fun at the heart of what we do.

our leadership team

The first step towards health can feel a little daunting


Getting help is a sign of strength and courage. It helps avoid
the heartache of burnout, resignation, and failure. Here's to a brighter ministry future where you are supported, equipped. and encouraged to grow.

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