About Kingdom One

We exist to build Courageous, Effective and Healthy ministries that grow the Church.

Our Story

Thus far...


Idea to create a Church Staffing Firm


Grew to full-service HR & then expanded to Shared Services

Jan 2020

Steven Bush and Southwest Church get connected.

Feb 2020

The name and brand, 'Kingdom One,' is born.

Apr 2020

Kingdom One has its first Board Meeting and hires its first employees

Jun 2020

Kingdom One hosts its first 'All-Hands' meeting.


Kingdom One serves 7 ministries, its staff grows to 14, 18 Talents are served and Kingdom One Academy is launched.


Kingdom One serves 32 ministries, its staff groes to 25, 54 Talents are served and Above Reproach is launched.

    Our Values

    Relationship First

    We invested deeply & intentionally to grow relationships that generate trust & transparency

    Ready to Grow

    We attract, develop, disciple and train the current and future church. Actively develop and refine tools, materials, networks and resources that are helpful to church leaders both inside and outside of Kingdom One.

    Deep Work

    We roll up our sleeves and step into the trenches with ministry teams. The quality and excellence of our work is matched by our willingness to challenge the status quo and do the hard work that produces lasting health.

    In Pursuit of Health

    We seek to overcome distraction, burnout and the superficial. We cultivate organizational and personal health to run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus.

    No Silos, Egos or Turf Wars

    We refuse to let pride ruin our ministry or Christ’s church. We collaborate to bring harmony, humility, and unity because we are better together.

    Fans of Fun

    Fun is non-negotiable. We foster an environment where we can keep levity and fun at the heart of what we do.

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